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John Jarratt
TV Star (Better Homes & Gardens) & Movie Star (Wolf Creek, Savages Crossing) uses and loves Thoroughbred Fix!
 The Thoroughbred Fix Advantage...

THOROUGHBRED FIX is Australia's premium Dog and Horse skin treatment shampoo and cream! It is used by many top industry organisations and individuals, and many private ones!! It treats any skin condition that causes your dog or horse to itch or scratch at its skin or coat, including Queensland Itch, dermatitis, eczema, mange, Greasy Heel, you name it! Stop your horse or dog from itching or scratching!
Give it a try, we're sure you won't be dissappointed in it, hundreds of dog and horse owners can't be wrong!
But don't just take our word for it, read what our users are saying about it...

"My mare had a Ringworm on her rump and within 48 hours it was gone, Queensland Itch is now gone from our horses, it even cleared up tinea from our feet. This is an amazing product. I have spent thousands of dollars in the past buying treatments for each of these problems, many treatments were unsuccessful or took weeks before they worked. This is an amazing product!"
Tanya Hoare
Secretary, The Bull Terrier Club of Queensland Inc.

"After several trips to the vet and hundreds of dollars later, i found thoroughbred fix, after washing my dog with the shampoo and applying the cream you could see the improvement in 24hrs."
Colin Hanson

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neem-leafThoroughbredFix contains the healing power of Neem!

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A most effective treatment against skin disorders, if you love your dog or horse, give ThoroughbredFix a try.